Refund Policy

This Refund Policy was last updated on February 6, 2023. If there will be any updates, amendments, or changes to our Refund Policy.

The following statement discloses UQuick Technologies India Private Limited ( from now can refer as “UQuick.” ). We update our policy periodically without notice; kindly visit this page occasionally to inform any changes in these policies.

UQuick officially sells its products on the platform, i.e., UQuick’s website, and Amazon. In the future, if we sell on others platforms, we will disclose this Refund & Cancellation policy.

0.1 UQuick gives 14 Days trials of UQuick products.

0.2 If the customer demands a refund of the UQuick Professional purchased product, the customer will get a refund for the one-year licence UQuick Professional product on the purchase price (as per the rate mentioned in the Purchased Invoice). UQuick will deduct Rs 100 + convenience fee from the customer Purchase price of the product, and we will refund the other amount within seven days.

0.3 In the matter of the refund for the UQuick Server Edition 1000+ convenience fee will deduct, and we will refund other amounts.

0.4 After installing the trial version of UQuick Products, If you lose your Important Data or any damage to Hardware or any other issues, UQuick is not responsible because we provide Hardware Technical Specifications on our website for better results. You cannot claim any case or demand for Data Recovery or Hardware Damage Losses from UQuick.

0.5 If you Misuse UQuick Products, we will De-active your Product key or license.

0.6 If the customer purchase from the official account of the company’s Online Platform, i.e. Amazon. Then you are eligible to request a refund for the UQuick Products. But you are not eligible to request for refund of the UQuick product if you purchase from any dealer’s Online account.

0.5 Suppose the customer has yet to purchase the product directly from UQuick. In that case, they have to contact their particular Reseller, Distributor, Dealer, or other Online Portals for a Refund & Cancellation as per their Refund & Cancellation policy.

0.6 If customers request a Refund & Cancellation of product failure, we cannot provide a Refund & Cancellation if it is not performing tasks or advertising it performs. Customers can take 14 Days Trial of our product before purchasing and examine the product’s capabilities.

0.7 If someone has purchased the product without the payer’s consent by using your Credit Card or Debit Card and any issue occurs, kindly contact your relevant payment service to get refunded. UQuick Technologies India (P) Limited is not responsible for any Refund & Cancellation to the customers.

0.8 If any customer accidentally purchased any wrong product, no Refund & Cancellation, or exchange would be possible after purchasing the product. If there are any exchange possibilities, we are still determining the same. However still, you can contact our sales team for any support at

0.9 If there is a drop in price or discount or offer on products, you cannot get a Price Adjustment, and also, you cannot claim any legal laws in any country, state and city or village in the world for the price drop in UQuick Products after you have purchased. Customers will not get a Price Adjustment Refund & Cancellation after the date of purchase. Promotional e-mail discounts don’t include after buying products.
Important Notice

0.10 In Case, Customer has purchased UQuick Products from any Dealer in your city, any other city, or any other Online Portal, E-Commerce or Shopping Website. Suppose any issues occur in UQuick Products, and your wish to get a Refund & Cancellation.

0.11 In that case, customers must contact their particular Dealer in your city or any other city or online Portal, E-Commerce or Shopping Website for a Refund & Cancellation as per their Refund & Cancellation policy.

Contact our support team if the customer wants UQuick support after purchasing UQuick Products from Dealer in your city or any other city or online Portal, E-Commerce or Shopping Website. Still, customers cannot expect any refund or exchange of UQuick Products.